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03-31-2012, 02:44 PM
i think i'll throw my 2 cents in on these flagships too, in the terms of using them as tactically as possible. first off all they are not created equal. the devs thought they were creating 2 different but balanced with each other ships, each being the embodiment of the factions ideal and strengths. the result is 1 ship that is devastatingly effective no mater what version you use or how you use it, the other is a star cruiser with less tactical capability, a worse turn rate, but a bit more hitpoints.

the bortas in any form and with any station configuration is going to deal more base damage then any other cruiser. it very tempting to set this ship up as tactically as possible with a tactical captain, its even viable in my experience. with the free version having the ideal engineering ensign, you can run this ship very tactically and still have all the basic survivability a cruiser needs, with out spending $50. i would suggest 2xEPtS1, RSP1, ET3, and A2S3 with HE1 and TSS2. with all the innate bonus energy to weapons, you don't need to worry about chaining EPtW1, one of the biggest things that separates the 2 flagships. it literally makes 1 completely viable as a battleship and makes the other a complete non starter.

running 8 beams is nearly the only viable thing to do, but with the potential 5 tactical stations is very tempting to try single cannons or all turrets. with 8 beams get 2 or 3 con officer doffs so you can have 1 copy of TT1 running at global cooldown. that's what every single person should do first thing no mater what you fly. 2 copies of APB1, and FAW1 and 3. this is withering damage potential for everyone around you, these skills backed by tactical captain buffs are extreamly hard for anyone to survive for long. its basically lolFAWscort damage from a much heartier source.

this is extreamly fun to kirk around in, has adequate survivability, and far above average cruiser damage potential. not gonna claim its something you should take to a premade though.

if you gave the bortas a LTC engineering station you could basically run it like a negvar or vorcha that again just deals more damage. chaining EPtA1 and EPtS2 allows you to go from 125 weapons energy (naturally) to 125 aux at the press of a preset button. going from dealing mad damage to mad healing in ways the feds can only dream of.

the only odyssey that has the slightest chance of pulling off half the tactical brilliance of a bortas is the tactical version, or the sci version with SA without even trying, but im just going to continue to ignore SA exists on these damn things and so should you.

with the free version, and the non tactical versions, you cant use the LTC station for tactical, it doesn't work. you don't have enough tactical consoles to ever deal the kind of damage over time that will outpace some one chaining EPtS and an occasional TSS. you also don't have enough weapon energy natively to attack with, at all. you would have to use 2 of your 4 to 5 engineering stations to change that, and have about as much survivability as an escort sitting still, less maybe.

the tactical odyssey can basically be set up like the bortas is detailed above, but it wont deal damage as good, and wont be as an effective a team member as the equivalent bortas. the excelsior or assault cruiser are just better at the whole tactical thing, a ship with just 8 beam arrays really does not need 5 tactical stations. 3 is basically ideal, and you get MUCH more survivability and team supporting ability which is the point of you being there. if i could change 1 thing about my above bortas, it would be changing the LT tactical station into a engineering station, then i'd proboly use the ensign station for science.

no amount of tactical station powers are going to make up for your lack of weapons energy, and you cant make up the difference with 2 or 3 weapons energy consoles anymore. you are better off tactically to use your LTC station for engineering, at least then you can chain EPtS and EPtW, and run an ES or EWP on top of the usual RSP1, ET3 and A2S3. you know act like a cruiser, which your flying, dealing your minor pressure damage and keeping your team healthy, instead of trying to be kirk.

the odyssey could be interesting with a LTC sci station, but not on the free version, you need the ensign for engineering to chain EPtS1, 20% of survivability in pvp is from this. lets see another 15% comes from TT, 20% if you have the conn doffs, 40% comes from hitting the distribute all button every 3 seconds, and the last 25% comes from passive things like a combination of your defense score, energy level based shield resistance and hull resistance. maximize all those things the best you can and you will survive for more then 5 seconds in a match.

anyway, if you go the LTC science route, which i have never bother trying so this is basically theoretical, i could see a low weapons energy/ high aux setup that does nothing but support as hard as it can. maybe with all turrets or beams that are just trying to deal glider damage or phaser procs, not trying to deal actual damage. equipping a doff cooldown reduced science team and 2 copies of HE and TTS with ES2 and A2S3 offers enormous healing potential.

or listen to mav, he would know better about the LTC science route then me.