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03-31-2012, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Angelus214 View Post
Hi Rachel been using your tool on and off for a while now and gotta say kudos!

i posted a thread but wasnt sure id get an answer and thought it best to come straight to the source aswell. Is there a way to turn the UI back on for the demo so we can see mouse cursor powers and hull/shield strength


P.S. i havent disabled anything with filters its just an unedited demo file atm
Unfortunately no, the demo interface for playback is totally separate from the game UI so you can't get the interface and your awesome rapid clicking skills in.

However, if you have decent video editing skills you can record another video from the game itself, crop out the skillbar and hull/shield indicators and overlay that part of the UI on your demo production. I do have a video made in this format (demo plus UI overlay instrumentation) but it would be against the forum rules as it's for another game.