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03-31-2012, 05:36 PM
Also, I would politely observe that using PDF format for the schedule was not the best idea. First, Adobe Acrobat is a sluggish resource-pig with a huge footprint. Given that STO is a memory-hog to start with, this is a bad combo. Second, anytime you ask me to download a file, that's a security issue. Malware is everywhere, (even in the stuff PWE wants you to download to earn Zenny). In short, I'm just not willing to download and run a PDF file.

Originally Posted by Tucana
The good news:
All PDFs were scanned before they were posted. And any files downloaded by anyone/anywhere should be scanned by the end user's reputable anti-virus/anti-trojan software scanner, too.

I appreciate your post about not wanting a PDF file. My computer can handle STO running *and* Adobe Reader. The current Guide Book (v1.0) PDF is 1.21 MB. That's a small file size, imho. But I'm not sitting at your computer, nor experiencing issues as you might.

I will consider posting a text file within the next day.


For decades now, PDF files is regarded as an industry-standard publishing quality, print-ready format with fully embedded content that cannot be changed without the express authorization of the publisher. All PDF readers in addition, have no capability to make amendments to a downloaded .pdf file making it a very safe means of content transfer.

Being read-only, PDF files are secure, and since they do not require any active graphics or networking (unless a URL inside is clicked), a PDF file open and left in the background uses much less system resources than a memory hog of a browser window.

Text files on the other hand, can have all sorts of nonsense in it, contains no copy / edit protection, and even if 'text files' were to include the 'word document' type, a .doc file is highly unsecure, can be infiltrated by malware/viruses, and compared to the PDF, has an enormous file size and cannot be opened easily without either a Word viewer or Microsoft Office itself. This makes PDF far more highly portable and self contained, since a PDF reader is a tiny program and requires no overhead to run.

This should be enough to justify why, in the industry, no one with any mind to IT security ever transmits word documents to external (and thus untrusted) parties.

Even with multitasking concerns, consider this - I can run about a dozen browser tabs, a few IM programs and an active Photoshop window on a netbook that's drawing to two monitors. A netbook from 2009. And I have no complaints with speed at all because it has enough RAM for the task, a virtual dual core processor (distributed threads), and most of the windows are in the background anyway. One PDF file won't harm anything or anyone unless the computer has issues with the OS or RAM.