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03-31-2012, 07:23 PM
If your set for escorts get the Multi Vector once u hit VA ofc, the romulans did have that ship captured from the federation for a while before our holografic crew took it back. Also its the only escort (i think o.o) wich has a lth commander station wich is prety good if your a sience captain i think. As for weaponary maybe youd use disruptor, since thats the romulans main weaponary , Bo setup would be something like most of escorts use these days.
As for another type of ship would be the vulcan sci ship wich as we know, has the most romulan flavour due to the fact that vulcans and romulans are long distant "cousins" kinda lol

As for your bof layout on both ships, the real question is what are you planing to do (that can also determine the ship type)
DPS - escorts,
crowd controll/support - science vessel
support/tanking - crusier