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Second Wave Glitch

When you complete the final Objective for the Mission you are immediately prompted to Warp to Bajor. Don’t. Minimize the prompt and open your Missions Screen and hail Mesi Achebe to turn in the Mission. After you have collected your Rewards it should be safe to Warp to Bajor.

Warping to Bajor before collecting the Rewards for turning in the Mission causes you to lose all Mission progress, with the possible exception of Diplomatic XP.

This thwarted me the last weekend of the 2800, causing me to ‘fail’ the Mission twice with my KDF char, Devna Sov’vaj. I changed my schedule so I could complete The 2800 in time to get the Shard of Possibilities.

I got screwed. Within a couple hours of buying 3000 CP the server went down for 2hrs maintenance delaying my progress. When the server was finally back up I had constant lag, freezes and disconnects, forcing me to frequently start over. Each Mission took way longer than it had any right to. As I was about to start Facility 4028 I got a message that the Mission was dropped, no explanation. I spent the next hour trying to get the mission back before it mysteriously returned, announced by a similar message. Lags, freezes and disconnects persisted as I struggled to complete the last two missions.

When I finally completed Boldly They Rode I did not get the Shard I had been playing for. I was up all night, passing up other Events I was interested in, passing up opportunities for my other chars to advance. 21+ hours wasted.

I should ask for either my 3000 CP or $37.50 back, or better yet the cost of two Collector’s Editions bought at Gamestop in 2010! If Cryptic has any decency at all they’ll give my KDF Cpt the Shard. I earned it.

incidentally, i would have posted this sooner, but i had no internet all week.