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03-31-2012, 10:34 PM
I have republished this mission. Changes are as follows:

A ground map has been added. This map is a breifing that gives the background for the mission.

The Runabout group has been moved to assist with the patrol ships. Two allied frigate groups assist with fighting the psudo-dreadnaught.

An extra battleship group has been added to the cluster of regrouping ships.

The number of ships attacking the Saber Wing has been greatly increased. This will be the hardest fight in the mission. I fear I may have made it to hard to complete this objective. If this fight is too easy even on elite. Then this game is not really for you anymore. I mean to make this a moderatly difficult mission to complete on normal WITHOUT using consumables.

I am afraid that I cannot expand the objective circles for kill objectives, otherwise I would have addressed this before the first time I published the mission.

Please tell me if the changes make the mission better or too hard to complete.