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04-01-2012, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by Xenor-Nyiad View Post
Are you new to the magical world of MMO's?

European does infact get the standard of German and French....don't blame Flakes for being the messenger on the long standing standard.
Not if I'm new to the mmo, but took more time than you in this forum and in this game.

I do not care what language is translated into the game, but is Europe SPAIN, I repeat for those who will not realize, CAN NOT SAY WELCOME EUROPEAN when not representing ALL Europeans, only the French and Germans, who do not lie, they do not want to believe that all Europeans support, only support the French and German. For other games and other companies say to you and you are not representatives Cryptic about anything, so you can not say what other companies support or not, that perfect world does not support the Spaniards not to say that's standard, there many mmo translated into Castilian.

Another thing you should look at Perfect World that (my opinion) is spitting the consumer Spanish is that we are the 4th country's best-selling video game in Europe, if we add that Castilian is spoken in south-america is a large field of subscriptions that are losing, it's your money, not mine.
The source of this information is a page in Castilian (use google) and others have to do every day.

I repeat it before, Perfect World and Cryptic can do whatever you want with your game, but stop insulting with this promotion, Europe many countries are not only French and German, doi them congratulations for the good law requiring to companies to double their games to sell in their countries.

Sorry for the royo but that's burning me a lot.

Would apologize for my English, is a translator and I wish I could put it in my original language to translate it otherwise could ye but Cryptic punishes these messages.

A greeting.