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# 16 Shortcut to 2409 Part 2
04-01-2012, 08:08 AM
"Incoming hail, sir."
"From the Klingons?"
Theras shook his head. "Carrier is Starfleet, but I can't determine the source. It's voice only, saying help's on the way and asking us to confirm the stardate."
That was unusual, but Sh'Ress really didn't care. They were supposed to be the only ship out here, but she wasn't about to turn down help. "Send it."
As Theras nodded, a shout from science startled Sh'Ress, directing her attention to the viewscreen. "Sir, a ship just appeared between us and the Klingons!"
"It's an ugly svhell," Sh'Ress muttered to herself, although she couldn't help but notice similarities between the vessel that had just appeared and the Resolute. The saucer was wider and flatter than hers, as was the hull, and it had three warp nacelles. And, she found out a moment later, a massive phaser cannon built into its hull.
"Klingons have been destroyed, sir," Theras reported a moment later. "The other ship's hailing us. Visual as well as audio this time."
Sh'Ress nodded, adjusting her shirt. "Let's not keep them waiting, then," she said. "Wouldn't want to make them cranky."

The face that appeared on the screen was, for a moment, human enough that Sh'Ress could have believed that its owner came from Earth. Then she saw the ridges on the man's nose.
"USS Resolute," the unfamiliar alien said. "This is ..." there was a slight pause as the man looked at something offscreen and nodded. His uniform, Sh'Ress noted, was black and grey with an undershirt in the yellow of command. "This is Captain Rafa Berrianus of the USS Jerrado, and I have some good news and some bad news for you."
"The Jerrado isn't the name of a Federation starship, that ship of yours certainly isn't Starfleet and I'm fairly sure that your people aren't part of the Federation," Sh'Ress replied. "I assume that some of that news is going to explain this?"
The man chuckled. "You're wrong on all counts," he replied. "But you've definitely got spirit. What I'm about to tell you is going to seem mad, but you should be able to confirm it. By star positions if nothing else. First, the good news. We can provide whatever medical and engineering assistance you require, andno more Klingons are going to try attacking you." He sighed. "And now ... the bad. Check the stars, Captain. You'll notice about a hundred and forty years of drift. "
Sh'Ress looked over the Shelera, who nodded. "Stellar drift would place the year as 2400, Terran calendar," she reported.
"2409, actually," Berrianus added.

When the crew of the Jerrado tried to explain how an energy cascade in their warp core, a tachyon burst and the subspace shockwave from a supernova that happened i the futur e - her future, anyway - Sh'Ress had just nodded, while her science officer who actually understood most of what they were being told and seemed very excited by it. The part that caught Sh'Ress' attention, though, was when Captain Rafa - she'd learned that his people, the Bajorans, had their family and personal names the other way around - had told her that the Federation was at war with the Klingon Empire. She might have been a century behind everyone else, but Sh'Ress hadn't been given command of a Constitution class starship for nothing. Once she got herself retrained, she decided, she was going back into active service.