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04-01-2012, 08:38 AM
Originally Posted by telesin
...further propogating the myth that the only thing that matters in STFs is pure DPS output.

So those team support skills that I have as a cruiser captain are things I shouldn't bother using to heal/help team members in an STF, because I'm too concerned about being at the top of the "DPS meter chart".

Cryptic can't bring out new STFS (and change the old ones) fast enough, to make sure that DPS is no longer the only consideration when working "as a team".

Normally I like to see utilities in MMOs like this, but in this case it exacerbates a current problem and how people view each other's contributions based on their class and what they fly. To that end, I do not find it helpful, but rather harmful. Time would better be spent convincing Cryptic that all ships and classes need to contribute equally in their own way, and to change old and/or design new STFs to further that goal.

Seems more like a continuation of the "virtual e-peen contest" that is found in virtually all MMOs.

The dos meter tracks HPS and total healing done.. As I mentioned before this is a utility to help YOU optimize your build and figure out how to get the best DPS for YOUR class. This isn't about showing off it's about becoming better players.