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04-01-2012, 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by Hardolin-Vosh
Pretty neat..

Just tried it out and I recorded 3600 DPS 4.4 mil damage on my engineer-raptor
Closest tem member was at 2000 DPS 2.4mil with everyone else between 800 and 1200.

Guess I know why I'm always the one getting shot at.

... had to add ...
Ifected elite....
4200 dps
A tac/escort finally out did me at 5500 dps
Everyone else was dismal...
"Sphere" actually out DPS'd two players.

I know when you find out whats really going in it can be frustrating. Your first reaction might be to yell at people or get mad at them, I was like that. The better solution... HELP THEM! If someone performs really poorly in ESTF's PM them and tell them to read my guide on the forums. Direct them to a combat logger and answer their questions when they need help. DOING THAT WILL INCREASE COMMUNITY MORAL AND HELP PEOPLE GET BETTER SO ESTF'S DONT FAIL!