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# 26 Replay To Areleonis
04-01-2012, 12:01 PM
"3k for a cruiser isnt good, with slacking and a lot of room for improvement 4.5k is norm for tac capt (eng cap will be few hundred dps less). Regular Assault Cruiser can easily get to 6k and more."

--- If every cruiser did 3k DPS every Elite STF and everyone else did over 2k DPS you would achieve the optional every time. 3k DPS is good 5k is better. Just keep improving that's whats important.

"8 beams are great with 125 power to weapons, lower than that and turrets will be same if not better dps (its about power consumption per shot). Beams rock with fire at will but its in many situation not best idea to use, turret canon skill rapid shot is great for single target and you can use it every time its up. Another plus of turrets is for not to good pilots that have issues with broadsides tactics, as turrets have 360 degree firing arc and you will always hit with all 8"

--- No, I run 7 beams and my power levels stay above 100 100% of the time.
--- Never mix weapons and skills, either go all cannons and torps or all beams. If you don't then you get much longer CD's and you lose very important BO skills becaus your trying to rotate too many things at once.
--- If you dont believe me do some DPS/Damage test I did these tests a while ago so I know FOR SURE what you suggested will lower your damage.

"In your setup i didnt noticed assimilated console, if you want to do any decent dps this thing is a must have. It came from first mission in undine line episodes."

--- OMFG I HAD NO IDEA THIS EXISTED. IT IS AMAZING. EVERYONE USE IT. TY for bringing that to our attention kudos.

"I agree antiproton is great, disruptor is decent too, but tetryon kick *** too with nice build, its great for striping shields from opponent (combine with omega set 2 set bonus, tetryon glider, without dont bother), if tac cube have 0 shields and you run with random pug they attack from all sides, if shields are down cube and tac cube die much much faster."

--- I havent done the tetryon MKXII set + tetryon glider. I only have 1 peice of omega mxII set. I can't say which is better until I test. My suggestion is don't use tetryon unless you have tet glider. Until I test it I can't give a definitive answer.

I also played 3 weeks, my assault cruiser dps is around 5k through elite stf, could be much more but i need respec and its quite costly

--- Your doing awesome GJ on pulling more than your weight. KEEP HELPING OTHER PEOPLE. I appreciate the feedback. PLZ POST YOUR BUILD AND STATS FOR OTHER CRUISERS TO COPY.