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04-01-2012, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by Kreael
There are a few things I disagree with in your build.

Warp Core Effiency: No point in taking past 6 points, get a boff or two with the trait to make up the slack of a whooping 1 power for the two set at 25.

Warp Core Performance: No point in going from 6 to 9, just not worth it.

Armor Reinforcements & Hull Plating: No point in taking past 3 points, in total you gain around 7 resist by taking these from 3 to 9. By contrast a single console or boff ability grants 30+.

Starship Weapon Performance: No reason to take past 3 in an escort as by then you already hit max weapon power unless you want it to act as a 2nd Shield Power booster indirectly but still not worth it if packing Epower to shields

Now where to put those points you wasted.

Max Shield Systems, thats 5% more shield HP.

Take Projectile Weapons to 6 atleast, thats nearly as much of a boost to torp damage as a console gives.

Take Projectile Specialization to 3 or 6, DPS is DPS!~

Max Power Insulators and/or Shield Emitters, I find Insulators maxxed to be much better than at 6.

Take Aux Performance to 3, that will boost your heals/resists.

-- I like the suggestions, next time i get a respec I'll change the armor and take 3 out of red in wep performance. I wondered when Wep performance would become redundant but I had no idea how to test. I'm a beam boat so I wont ever waste points in projectiles. Adding 3 in aux will be helpful as well for survivability especially if im not getting anything out of maxing wep performance. TY for the insight Ill repost a new skill set when I have time to go over everything. I don't know much about how BOFF's passive increse stats, its something I havent had time to look into.