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04-01-2012, 07:14 PM
Dear God, yes. I ran this the other day and kept having to respawn because I had no back up by the time I hit the last Fire door where you face the 2 Capt Rank enemies.. I finally got it to where 1 Boff made it with me and somehow survived it. See what i think the biggest problem is, is that the Boffs are tethered to each other, and also to you, so if a Boff dies the living ones try to go to it to revive it, but they can't, because the moron walked into molten lava. So they become tethered to the KO'd Boff and you and it causes pathing issues. (Believe it's in there to help Boffs revive each other). If they'd just tether them to the players avatar, that might help the issue.