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Originally Posted by rodneywollam
How do I make sure my weapon power is set to maximum? And, like I said, I battled the ship for over an hour to a standstill. You would think the Hercules would have repaired itself back into service ...

I moved on, and I'm having trouble beating a Orion frigate now too.
No offense, but the frigate is the weakest class of ship. If you're having trouble with a frigate then something is either wrong with how your ship is equipped or configured.

Check Difficulty Level

First of all, check that you're set to normal difficulty mode. Push J to bring up your journal and hit the "In Progress" tab. Then in the lower right corner there should be something that says "X difficulty". It should say Normal Difficulty. If it says Elite or Advanced then change it to Normal.

Set Weapon Power To Max

Next check to make sure your weapon power is set to max. To do that do the following:

On your screen there is a meter which displays your ship power level.

See here:

Select the one that has the symbol of an X on it. That's weapon power. Due to the mechanics of the game you should mostly leave your power set to weapons except if you are specifically trying to run away or get your shields back up.

This explains more about how power settings works:

And this explains why you should leave yourself set to weapon power:

Upgrade Your Weapons/Ship

If you're playing Dereliction Duty you're obviously at least Lt. Commander, so if you're still in your Miranda (starting ship) then there's something wrong. Make sure you've upgraded to your next level ship. Also if you're still using MK II equipment then upgrade to MK IV equipment.