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04-01-2012, 10:09 PM
I have updated my ship chart with the Odyssey, and can confirm the estimate of around 1100 meters. I'll repeat here that my images were captured from a demo, with the ship at the exact same camera range each time, so the comparison should be absolutely precise. In fact, if the devs make their ships any bigger, I will have to change my camera distance, as the Odyssey almost didn't fit on the screen! As it was, the nacelles did go slightly over 1024 pixels, but I was able to overlap two images.

Another complication is that the devs appear to use a scale formula which does not exactly relate in game coordinates to meters, smaller ships are scaled slightly larger in proportion so they will be easier to see. Not as much as shuttles, but there is a small "fudge factor". This is why the grid on the left side of the table doesn't actually match the one on the right.

I realize that there are a lot of additional ships now, as well as the new Type 10 shuttle, however, all of the ships except for the Odyssey are merely reskins of the existing ships. Thus, while there may be a difference in length on the order of a half dozen meters or so, it is not enough to justify a whole new entry in the table. However, what I may do is put together a separate table or two (or four or five ) that relates the various ship skin choices to each other.

I may also add the Odyssey's saucer and escort, as well as the Galaxy's saucer, to the MVAM table, just to give it more variety.

To Alexin Cobra, while I understand that listing the ships in order of length is not strictly in order of size, it does give a basic idea of the progression of smallest ship to largest, which is what the players want to see. Note that my table intentionally places the ships at a pronounced angle, so it is clear how wide each ship is, as well as how long. It is clear from the image of the Galaxy that while it is not longer than the Sovereign, it does likely have more mass.

You may note from my revision history that I originally had the listing in order of mass. I found that too many people complained that they were not in order of length, however, insisting that I had put them in the wrong order. In addition, it is far more difficult to estimate overall mass of the ships, and that would make the table much too subject to opinion and guesswork.