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04-02-2012, 12:13 AM
Fair warning, I'm new to the game. I have read much on the subject but not enough it seems. I guess I'm confused in why Dual Cannons and DHC's are accepted as better than just single cannons for escorts. I know the DPS is 20-21% higher (from the numbers listed on the item description) but you also lose 75% of the firing arc. So, how much DPS is lost when the DC and DHC's aren't firing while maneuvering to get the target in the narrow firing arc?

Right now I have a fleet escort with 3x cannons in the front, about 1k DPS each (3000 total), I assume DC's would be 1200ish each (3600). Lets say 3 seconds to get the target in the 45 degree firing arc, you could have applied 9k damage to the target with cannons in that time.

When using DHC's and DC's there seemed to be so many times that I couldn't line the target up to apply any DPS. I would have to veer way off and start another attack run because the targets hugged my sides and rear. All that time I was taking damage. I even resorted to using reverse to keep targets in front of me. This was not fun.

Again, I'm new, so am I missing something? Flying technique maybe, idk. I guess an obvious thing I could be missing is if the DPS numbers on the items description aren't correct, Is that possible?