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04-02-2012, 01:14 AM
Originally Posted by tatsumakee


Um im pretty sure this wasnt a bug, all the events were in Euro time slots.. the calander worked fine during those times, it was after all the euro rerereleaseding.. I wager it was to encorage people to play during those times to help the populations..
Was stated in another thread, from a Dev, that this was not an intended effect, and would be addressed. I'm too lazy to go find it to post for reference.

The times do line up, but it also leaves out 12 hours of special events, being prime time USA times. If it was a plan to get more people to play EU events, well, its not likely. I for one wouldn't wake up at 1AM to run Mirror Universe.

People are complaining about a lack of content, so making it only feasible for special events to be played by the EU seems a bit counterproductive, if they still want money from the players. For instance... that would mean that kids that are in school have NO special events available to them when they get home at 3PM (PST), and are in bed before the next is available at 1AM PST. Same with the working class folk that pay Cryptic's paychecks. So if they did this intentionally, thinking it was a good plan... it wasn't. And I hope sincerely that they fix it.