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04-02-2012, 01:37 AM
Yes. Weapons power is directly linked to your DPS. The DHC draw 13 each time they fire. DC use 10 each time they fire. Since the DC fire twice as often the dc will draw 20 in the same time the DHC will draw 13.

If your power levers started at 125/100, then first shot on the DHC brings it down to 112/100 and the nexts shot damage will be based on the lower number. On a DC it will start at 125/100 and drop to 115/100 with less dps on the second volly. That power drop is still in the same time frame as the dhc at the 125/100. so the 2 shots in the cycle that are suppose to have the same dps already start at less since with the power drop fire cycle. Then the DHC starts its second volly at 112/100 and the DC have already fired twice and its second wave would be at 105/100 and 95/100

The main advantage is going to be the proc. But you will need to consider power levels as well. There are way to prepare for it but the proc should pick up the slack.

In the case of tetryons if you can strip the shields faster to get at the hull the loss in dps may be worth it.

Polaron is another one that may be considered with the energy drain drop. If you proc hits and it hits your enemies weapons power then suddenly you are doing less damage to you.

The main problem I have with procs is the immunity. Phaser wont effect borg, everyones resistant to plasma, ect. ect. This is why Anti-proton seems to be favorite to a lot of people since its proc is crit and the crit stacks with the DHC crit and the power levels, Ect.

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I guess I'm confused in why Dual Cannons and DHC's are accepted as better than just single cannons for escorts. I know the DPS is 20-21% higher (from the numbers listed on the item description) but you also lose 75% of the firing arc. So, how much DPS is lost when the DC and DHC's aren't firing while maneuvering to get the target in the narrow firing arc?
If your going up against a cruiser or any other slow vessel the firing arc wont matter because you can out manuver them to flank them.

If you are going up against another escort and are circling each other then I can see there beeing an issue. the 3 ways to deal with that is to 1) hold them in place, 2) be more maneuverable then them and 3) increase your firing arc.

It is more then possible to go up against another escort and to be circling each other and only be firing turrets back and forth. However usually there will be one cruiser.

What you can do is carry 3 single cannons in your inventory and keep them there for when you are going against escorts since about 20% less base dps is better then not firing at all.