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04-02-2012, 04:54 AM
Originally Posted by jkwrangler2010
I've read several different build threads about escorts and cruisers. A lot of them recommend turrets for the rear. I decided to attach a couple turrets 90 damage and above to my Galaxy Dreadnought and Prometheus escort. I did make sure they were the same type as my beam arrays/banks/cannons. I wasn't impressed by their performance compared to beam arrays. I normally run two beam arrays and a torpedo in the rear, three on the dreadnought. The only benefit I can see them provide is that they act as extra forward facing weapons.
Turrets are recommended for the rear on escorts because a lot of times the ship uses cannon boosting BOFF powers in that type of setup. And so forward facing you have your dual heavies PLUS your turrets all firing on a target. Then while you turn you have your turrets maintaining some firepower on the target. It helps that none of the other cannons can be placed in the aft slots.

Turrets on a cruiser are a novelty. They can be tweaked to do ok. But it's really just a novelty.