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04-02-2012, 04:59 AM
I think of them as one of the ever present Villians, bent on the destruction of the Federation, The KDF and all beings who mean to defy them.

If there is any issue in STO its that we have many such villians and not enough story to set them up as the Nemisi of all sentients in the qaudrant.

The Borg, The Undine and The Iconians, There are always a plethora of bad guys willing to kill the hero for their own reasons, but there isn't always a story letting the player know what that reason may be or why we must stop it.

As a Villian mechanic in STO I find the Borg to be fine if a little lackluster like the Iconians and Undine.
Dangling stories that still need fleshing out on what the heroes of STO are to be battling for the good of the quadrant.