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04-02-2012, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by Curii
Disclaimer: I'm aware a dreadnought is considered a dire ship. However I'm not going to PVP in it, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue.

As I'm currently sitting on a Dilithium fountain that is far out stripping my refining rate, and I've also got my stipend slowly accruing I started having a look around on ways to get rid of this pile of C-points.
As my main fed toon (A Tac) has gotten old and fat, I figured his glory days of charging around in a Escort are behind him, so its time for a cruiser!
At the moment he's in a Oddy -1. I did contemplate the Oddy +1 triple console build, for massive hull tanking. However that would mean allot of wasted console space for the buff to hull plating. As the saucer separation wouldn't effect the weapons load out I use on the Oddy.
So the next obvious ship is the Dreadnought.

The Build ideas

Idea one: Quick take down of the shields, then a massive alpha strike from the Lance.

One of the consoles on the Store allows you to charge a photon torp to do a charged particle burst when it hits (either that or the power is active all the time, the description doesn't say which). Maybe throw in a High yield with that, to got some real fireworks?
That along with Target subsytems: Shields and a polaron dual beam bank should hopefully knock down the shields on the facing to me.

Then Attack Patten Alpha, Fire On My Mark and Attack Patten Beta buffed Phaser lance straight to the hull should do some considerable damage, hopefully blowing the enemy to pieces.

Idea Two: Hit and run. Glorified Escort approach.

Front load the ship like I would an escort, go steaming in, let fly with everything. Then Extend out and away. Deuterium/Evasive manoeuvres or the High Speed Impulse console thingy, can get you to extend away giving you the time to perform a about turn. Maybe use tactical initiative to get set up quicker.
Rinse repeat.

So thoughts? Tweaks? Ideas?
Tac Initiative does not work with the Lance.

For an easy kill you can literally just use 7 beams a a Q Launcher, attack it untill point blank range with buffs, hit the lance and kill it, rinse and repeast every 3mins