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04-02-2012, 06:08 AM
"Does anyone else just want the Borg to become obsolete?"
The borg adapt, they almost controlled a quarter of the galaxy until Voyager. unknown if there was any significant damage, that could of been a turning point to make the borg obselete, but what happens, they adapted.

Originally Posted by Autistic_Cucoo
The Borg have been around for thousands of years IIRC, I'm pretty sure they've overcome bigger obstacles than the Alpha Quadrant powers. They haven't been scary for a long time, though. Voyager and FC did all they could to turn the menacing borg into bumbling space vampires. I don't really find that scary at all

Seriously though, the Borg sure are overused. I wouldn't mind another big bad for STFs and sector incursions.
Thousands? according to what i know, they have been around far,far longer then that, it wasnt until about 1000 years ago that they were known because of the vaudwaar.