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04-02-2012, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by Pottsey
How do you feel all torp builds factor in against your build? Even if dps is less how much less? Is it viable as a change of pace? Ok I know itís viable but I have no idea how it compares. If you have time could you test and post comparison numbers?

Something like Torp spread III x2. Either x4 Quantumís or x4 Plasma (Proc now stacks and 100% hit chance so bypass those shields). Along with the projectile skills, x3 purple Doffs for faster fire rate and the projectile Boff crit chance if possible.

Anyway thanks for posting your info.

EDIT: Plus the borg proc on torps is 100% chance for 1000 damage per hit.
I remember when I was running 3DHC + 3 turrets and 1 Quantum /w 2 TSIII on my BO. It was badass 2 see 20 torps spread out and cream unshielded targets. It was almost cool enough for me to respec to a ALL torp build. However, it was sad when they would fly and and do nothing to shielded targets :-(

Now an all torp build would be effective in a single situation. Where your team make up is comprised of shield strippers and your always only targeting one or two enemies and hitting them with your torps on the sides their shields are down.

But ask yourself, how often does this happen in a elite STF? Never, and most of the time your fighting multiple enemies with shields up. A ALL TORP BUILD WILL NOT WORK but it will definitely look cool firing a million torps. Lol. As for actual DPS averages and TOTdamage done I don't know. But it's just so theoretically unsound I can give you a 99.9% answer, NO it wont work. :-(