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04-02-2012, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by r9xchaos
I startet playing this game with my first character at F2P launch.. its a tactical gal in a fleet escort and i do 9k dps witch my polaron beems using 3 beam infront and 2 beam in the back .. a harg peng torp and a plasma torp...using assimilated consoles and 4 polaron enhancers...all my weaponry is mkx - mkxi ...

you dont need a tool to increase your dps.. you just need common sense..

surely this tool will be great for al the lamers and / or statwh*r*s but that doesent makes people smarter...

the tactical DPS build is teh easiest in this game since u only need to select things that make u more dmg and some defense...

I see only a problemwith all the... guys in elite STFs henu run them in a random team.. peopel dont read the team chat and making a rambo style run and wonder why they die when they dont use regenerators..

and when u tell hem to listen what u have to say they DONT EVEN READ THE CHAT.... i would love to see a tool that gives people a brain...

oh and dont tell me to join a STF fleet or go on voice chat... im doing this STFs only because i neeed the armor for my roleplay... i would buy it from teh cstore but it is not possible... i spend so much tem in getting teh honorguard set that i cant roleplay anymore.. i find it kinda sucks...

now when people see that thread / tool they will start doing a new class .. tactical for sure and everyone wil run an escort..

i noticed it before that there were alot of tacs playing this game .. but a DPS tool / Thread wil only increase that...

also crytpic should make a tutorial mission where the STF is explained.. and only if people get this done they can participate in regular stfs.. really..

soem peopel act liek they have no brain.. walking into radioactive water... OR runnign into teh borg boss when already 3 people left.. attacking him ...and then wonder why i sit down and enjoy the show..

thanks for the post of this thread but anyways
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1. You tell us you don't use a DPS meter then you say you do 9k DPS, which is obviously a lie, or you ran the DPS meter while attacking a squirrel instead calculating your average DPS over multiple Elite STF runs.

2. You do need a DPS tool, because your common sense is wrong. As we can already see.

3. I thought I made it abundantly clear that STO has done a good job giving everyone the ability to have around the same possible maximum damage. It's a matter of reading the DPS meter correctly. For example I run with a fleet member who has a carrier and although it says he does 2k DPS, if you calculate the damage his BoP's and shield drainers do hes at 6-7k dps. The same applies to Engies and Sci's. ANY CLASS CAN DO 6-9K DPS in elite STF's if played properly, specced properly, build properly, BO'ed properly, and decent team makeups.

4. I almost always get the optional in Elite STF's PUG's and you obviously don't. Stop blaming others and blame yourself.

5. Here's the Salvation challenge. Let's run a Elite STF together and I bet you 10 mil energy credits you probably do less than 4k DPS and/or YOUR the one screwing up the mechanics.