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04-02-2012, 07:50 AM
Here is my set-up that I've been using with great success in story mission on normal, emergency signals and STF fleets on normal. I have no problems dealing with most of the enemies in the story missions unless I get ganged up on by several high power battleships. I can solo destroy a borg cube in STF normal and on Red Alert calls [although, I do get destroyed from time to time if I get caught in the tractor beam and they decide to pummel me]. I can take out the borg command ship as long as the other players know what they are doing. During emergency signal fights, I can take on two to three Negh'var or D'deridex cruisers solo no problem. Jem'Hadar battleships are a little tougher. I do not play PvP as I got slaughtered my first time with my Prometheus advanced escort that had a similar set-up, so no comments on that.

The damage points and shield/hull points are listed with their console buffs.

Fore weapons
Phaser Beam Array XI CrtD: 800 damage
Dual Phaser Beam Bank XI CrtD: 1,040 damage
Quantum Torpedo Launcher XI CrtD: 5,297 damage
Quantum Torpedo Launcher X CrtD: 5,143 damage

Aft weapons
Phaser Beam Array XI Acc CrtD Borg: 806 damage
Phaser Beam Array XI Acc: 800 damage
Phaser Beam Array X Acc CrtD Borg: 782 damage
Quantum Torpedo Launcher XI: 5,259 damage

Deflector: Borg
Shields: Borg
Impulse: Borg

Engineering consoles
RCS Accelerator X
Field Emitter X
Tetraburnium Hull Armor X
Diburnium Hull Plating X

Science consoles
Shield Emitter Amplifier XI
Emitter Array X

Tactical consoles
Phaser Relay X
Warhead Yield Chamber X
Zero Point Quantum Chamber X

Bridge Officer binds
High Yield I
High Yield II
Eject Warp Plasma II
Launch Scorpion Fighters
Reverse Shield Polarity
Nadion Inversion III
Tachyon Beam II
Phaser Spinal Lance
Emergency Power to Shields I
Emergency Power to Shields II
Science Team I
Tactical Team I
Miracle Worker III
Rotate Shield Frequency III
Fleet Support II
Engineering Team III

Total Hull: 54,775
Total Shields: 6,825 with 222.8% per minute repairs