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04-02-2012, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by 0Gambit0 View Post
This has turned out to be a really good read for the most part.

I now feel the need to drop my dual Beam bank and add a 3rd Mk xii Borg antiproton DHC to the Fore of my Defiant.

Iím also wondering if it might be beneficial to drop my Quantum Torp and go with a Photon Torp instead.

The reasoning behind the torpedo change would be Iíll be getting a heck of a lot more Photon shots off than with my Quantum.

Slot the Best quality Projectile Doffs I can get and further boost the firing time of the Photon Torp.

Iím thinking that more shots might equal more damage in the long run.
In regards to dropping the DBB, that could net you a loss of DPS, due to the Ens BO slot that is wasted.

WIth only 1 Launcher, Projectile Doffs are not that usefull, but with loads of launchers they become invaluable, You are prolly better off with ET and ST doffs to kick out ALOT more healing.