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04-02-2012, 05:09 PM
Majority of the framreate issues in sto are due to the following:
  • UI perfomance - minimise your hud asmuch as possibe, disable damage floaters and only have tageting active for team/friends/fleetmates
  • Shadows - set to low or disable
  • Number of people in the zone (pc and npc) - not much you can control here, but if need be look for the lowest populated instace if in esd and such
  • AA settings - disable the ingame AA and enable to 8x (dx9) or 16x (dx11-beta) via your video card control pannel
  • post proccessing - disable
  • the particle setting - disable

Those use the most system resources.

There is a thread on what settings affect what aswell as recommended options to help get the most out of your system.
STO Performance and Frame Rate Guide v1.1