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Originally Posted by Felderburg View Post
I'd like to suggest a link / links in the first post of this thread that take people directly to ship-specific posts.
Will do. /10 char

Done. Or I would but I'm such a windbag I maxed out the character limit in my Original Post
EDITOR's NOTE. Someone in the thread suggest I start posting build links and Advice. Just a handy skill spec to have on cruiser captains. Alternate Skill Spec specially for Tacs. Speaking of skill points, here's an exact break down more or less of just how much those skill points matter in terms of how much they affect boff skills and captain abilities. Basic Doff info. Set items theory. Consoles basics. (was formerly part of Set Items theory) Ability Tray Layouts Basics to be expanded upon later.

A brief word about non carrier spammed Klinks The DPS Hybrid Healer. Also DPS Controller. The Starcruiser Post. (1st) Excelsior Basics Vorchas 101. Neghvar basics First Oddy post. Second Oddy post Third Oddy Post don'tdrunkimshoot Oddy suggestions the only Gal R build I'll ever support still not a fan of the failaxy but at least it's capable of existing in drunk's hands :p Assault Cruiser, Healer / Crowd controller. Also works great with a vorcha. The Karfi The Voquv The Atrox

So here's a handy TOC... at the back end of the thread naturally.