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# 2 By-laws we go by
04-02-2012, 06:27 PM
Ranks are desinated by old Star Trek ranks

Chief of Operations
Fleet Admirals

Main Body
Major 3
RD Commanders 3
RD Commanders
RD Recruits
*Rd-Red Dawn

#001-Harrassment-No slander,racist, sexist, comments as jokes, performance, or maliciously, will be tolerated. First offense written warning & instant demotion. Second, immediate expulsion.
#002-FleetBank-WD-Must be requested to Command. If for loan with repay promise. and such requests must be made to command. Stealing will be reported and their are logges which is given to Cryptic/Realistic for severa consequences. Any donation is considered a donation and will not be returned upon leaving or dismissal. The Bank is broken into ranks and their are restrictions based on your fleet rank. There are two junk rep. to help keep inventory clean but previous rules apply.
#003-Chain of Command-Follow the Fleet chain of command at all times. Promotions are based on team play, participation and Attitude, Command reviews every Friday.
#004-Uniform Code-Proper color schemes of your rank. Style is up to you, but colors of your rank must be adhered to, and uniforms worn during fleet actitivites
#005-You are permitted up to 3 alts. 1 Main an d2 alts in the fleet. However no switching alts during fleet vs fleet activities. This is subject to change.

#006-Inactivity after 30 days is subjectto review by command with possible demotion. After 120 days. You will be dismissed form the fleet for inactivity. You can then rejoin at a later date.

If after reading these By-laws you are fine and confortable then by all means contact us.