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04-02-2012, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
Are you sure it hit? Those things miss like 90% of the time.
Ignoring PvP here, but it actually hits pretty often if you tractor your targets.

Originally Posted by Soronarr View Post
Spinal Phaser Lance sux. No, seriously.
I don't know how people can say it sucks when sometimes critting tac cubes(Elite) for 63K x 2 --> namely dealing 126k damage, and it would deal more if cubes wouldn't have such a high phaser resistance .
And i daresay that very few players have higher resistances than a STF tac cube on Elite...
But well everyone has a different setup, and mine is classified information

They did also not nerf it btw.
The only thing changed was the way how the damage is displayed.

Numbers here are pure imagination; -> actual numbers classified
Before change:
20000 --> Divided by 2 as soon as you shoot ( so 10k per shot)

After change
10000 x 2 --> not divided -> still just 10k per shot

Was just checking btw - > when buffed at 100% hull (meaning going down fighting gives just 25% dmg increase) it still does a lot more than the numbers above if my other buffs are applied. You may now add the additional damage coming from Fire on my mark as well as that I usually have already lost some hull when I fire it, and thus even more.
Please note that this is buffed base damage though, there are many other factors you have to take into account like whether the enemies shields are up or how good it hit.
Numbers around 126k actual damage are not rare though.
And again said 126k do NOT include the amount the tac cube has already resisted.

And yes I'm aware that players are a lot harder to hit than a NPC, yet the damage potential is there. Whether you can use it or not is another question