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04-02-2012, 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by scottwears View Post
400 cryptic points a month
I also have a Lifetime Subscription. So your saying we get 400 Cryptic Points every single month? Do we get any edge over F2P's? Like Ships, Crew, unique items, etc? There has to be some form of difference from Lifers to F2Pers because anyone can get 400 cryptic a month as either Lifer or F2Per. However the 400 cryptic a month would be worth it if we also get some sort of C-store available only to Lifers of STO.

What I'm saying is, i don't care about the 400 Cryptic points. I can buy that easily especially since I am willing to support Cryptic for making this game as well as they did, in general. But not only that, but anyone can get CP and anyone can get the same stuff as I can with the 400c a month so there is no uniqueness between us Lifers and new F2Pers.

Do we get bonus missions? Items? Ships? Crews? Deck Themes? Special Characters? any bonus content at all unique to the Lifers at all?? I'm speaking from a mindset that F2Pers will have obviously paid nothing but the Lifers have paid substantial amounts. So I would think we would get something more special exclusively for Lifers compared to others.

Please tell me I'm wrong and something has come out exclusively for Lifers. 400 points is NOT exclusive because anyone can get that.