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04-02-2012, 09:31 PM
Originally Posted by Sharpphasors

-It does, but it won't count it under your name (sometimes). It will say EX: Photonic mines 540 dps total damage done: 450,000 SO YOU JUST ADD IT TO YOUR TOTAL DPS AND DIVIDE BY TIME.

-The damage reported is after mitigations I don't know why you think it's damage done b4 mitigation.
- It also counts misses, ie: you dont do damage so theres nothing to count...
-Not sure why or how you came to your assumptions... do you use the parser?
Actually, only do that if you know you are the only person using those type of mines... two people using the same mine type will have that damage added together, so dont really want to just add it... (besides, who uses mines? )

In any case, thanks to this thread, i upped my DPS to almost 5k consistently... probably the best I can do on my science captain, but better than the <3k i was getting before