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Hello STO Community,

I'm proud to announce the introduction of two new missions to the foundry. Star Trek: Odyssey "The Altair Incident, Parts I & II" are now available for everyone to play. This is my first attempt at making missions on the foundry, and I'm proud that I was able to deliver at the caliber of some of my favorite missions that I've played on STO's community authorized mission's list.

Star Trek: Odyssey is part of an ongoing series that I am creating for STO, that I hope will stand out as new and innovative, as well as be able to delve into some of the more alluring aspects of Trek forgotten by Star Trek Online. Primarily, science, discovery, and diplomacy based missions. My goal is to create a more accurate facsimile of a Star Trek series than I've been able to find since I started playing STO.

"The Altair Incident" revolves around the Federation core world of Altair. Since the start of the Klingon-Federation War, the planet of Altair has served as a vital listening post for the Federation. Two days ago, all communications to and from the planet have mysteriously stopped. Your ship has been asked to investigate the strange binary repeating signal now coming from the planet. Are you up to the task? Will you boldly go where no one has gone before? Solve the mystery in the pilot to the Star Trek: Odyssey series.

"The Altair Incident, Part I" - ST-HSZFJXATC
"The Altair Incident, Part II" - ST-HEEBRWM7P