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04-03-2012, 12:16 AM
Sci Ody is my preferred of the 3 variants. The Odyssey, is the natural Star Cruiser successor the +1 if you will. If you deny that, then you're missing the point of this ship. It's an engineering ship with a science focus. If you want to run tactical, honestly there are other ships for that.

As an engineer I've always loved the star cruisers but wished there was just a tad more sci powers to them. The Sci Ody answers that in spades. Just make the universal lieutenant commander slot a sci BOFF and the ensign an engy and you're away.

I'm a lovely healer/tanker now, with most of my abilities being heals and resists based. And with lots of engy and sci BOFF slots, it's quite a bit.
Skill up in all the hull/shield heal skills + aux + particle generators and you're away.

I run 2x neutronium, 1x SIF and the borg console in the engy console slots.
1x Shield generator, 2x shield emitters, 1x biofunction
2x my energy type tac consoles
Along with MKXII MACO deflector and shield and borg engine.

Running borg deflector gives more hull and hull heal but really detracts from shield capacity and shield heals, not worth it for the random passive shield heal.

The 3 set piece bonus from the special consoles aren't worth it unfortunately. They don't make up for the extra healing you can do with 3 dedicated consoles (SIF/emitters). And you can't really remove the neutronium or tac energy consoles. So whilst fun, I run without them, purely because the dedicated consoles let me out heal the tiny boost (literally, +1) bonus to passive resists the 3 piece bonus gives, or what the repair drones can heal (1x SIF applied to each of my BOFFs heals easily outpaces whatever they can do. HE3 heal alone does 23K thank you very much).

Tanking a (regular) cube in elite stfs by myself, 'easy'. Still gotta be careful but I confidently do it every night now. Tank the full wrath of Donatra's ship (bar her big super weapon thing) easy. Gives my team mates the ability to just sit there pounding away or attend to other things.

I'm now just fiddling with the highest tier engy and sci BOFF abilites now to see what's best. Pure healer I run A2S3 (ES3 for Cure) and HE3. But if going a more general healing role with some offensive I seem to be landing on EWP3 and GW1 or FBP2 which work well together to slow + damage and use the aux + particle skills I specced into.

The Aquarius I would slot in place of an emitter but really, with the 5 minute cool down and flight deck DOFFs not affecting it, it's not worth it, dies too easily so it's only out for a minute then it's wasting a console slot the rest of the STF run.