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04-03-2012, 02:06 AM
Originally Posted by Sharpphasors

-It does, but it won't count it under your name (sometimes). It will say EX: Photonic mines 540 dps total damage done: 450,000 SO YOU JUST ADD IT TO YOUR TOTAL DPS AND DIVIDE BY TIME.

-The damage reported is after mitigations I don't know why you think it's damage done b4 mitigation.
- It also counts misses, ie: you dont do damage so theres nothing to count...
-Not sure why or how you came to your assumptions... do you use the parser?
Well I admit it was late last night so I might be mistaken, will test again today. As for how I came to that I did a PvP match last night as I wanted to compare my torpedo boat against other PvP setups. I came to the conclusion as Parser showed my DPS as less than the PvP damage screen and under my name mines and destroyable torpedoes did not show. I had no way to tell which destroyable objects belong to me or someone else. Plus it did not stack up the mines, but instead placed them all as single objects. Which is a same as I deal large amount of damage with mines.