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04-03-2012, 02:38 AM
I am actually pretty happy with a lot of the new releases, and have mostly made my peace with the C-Store. Sure, I'm unhappy with some of the price increases, and I find it mind-boggling how much it costs to get the new flagship packs, but on the flipside I have been purchasing more paid content than ever before and have maintained my subscription despite the launch of f2p. Level 60? New STFs? Trait respec? All of these things are very, very good and if it means I am going to have to shell out money to get ahold of special consoles and costumes and such, so be it. As long as enough new content is released that is c-point free, and as long as prices in the c-store are NOT jacked up further (I do hope some sale events and/or price drops are in the future!!!), I am very excited about the future of the game, and hope to continue playing for years to come.

One thing though. Please, PLEASE never repeat the fiasco of the Cardassian Lock Boxes. There were so many of the darned things floating everywhere that many of us renamed them f--- boxes! It was a tacky, bald-faced attempt to rake in extra money from hopeful Galor lovers and it irritated most of the players I've run into to no end. No, I never bought any master keys myself. a Gold member, I would love to see some small increases in perks for us. Perhaps a larger stipend of c-points, pretty please? Or something else creative. Right now I almost feel like a sucker for hanging on to my subscription, but I do like the extra slots (so terribly useful!!!) and the veteran rewards...though the 800-day rewards seem a bit underwhelming to me despite the coolness of a new pet.