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04-03-2012, 04:31 AM
Originally Posted by Saving_J
Seems like the spinal lance requires to target to be at a standstill to hit. Accuracy and Defense ratings has nothing to do with the hit or miss. Have an escort move straight forward with maximum defense in front of your lance and it will hit. Have an escort sideways moving at 1/4 impulse speed and it will miss regardless of defense rating; keep in mind that even if the lance does hit, the second shot will miss. The Javelin is different, it does follow the accuracy and defense rating correctly because you don't have to line up the target like you have to do with the spinal lance.
I can't second that, and I'm using the dread for quite a while now.
The other ships defense and your Acc DO influence whether the lance actually hitting its target.
What you mean is probably that the escort leaves the 45 range before it can fire, that's a different story though and has nothing to do with accuracy.

Also note that if the first burst hits the second usually hits its target too. It's the same the other way around though: if the first one misses the second does so too.

Still I can say that the lance deals A LOT of damage, and I know very well where those comments stating that it doesn't come from:
- Beamdreads
- Dreads with any other weapon than Phaser
- Multi target dreads

Said setups are usually those whose threat my ship surpasses during my first attack burst (without using the lance) - Then again, I even manage to steal the NPC's full attention from escorts
You just have to experiment a bit and you will see that it has a pretty high dmg output.