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04-03-2012, 05:09 AM
1. Lt Ferrari has a tutorial which overs this. Not perfect but enough to get pretty much anyone going.
2. A single unified pane, while, an option sounds (to me) like a solution looking for a problem. It's complex because the system is complex and dumbing it down to a single interface wouldn't help all that much... Ymmv.
3. There's already enough handholding and from my perspective the decent assignments are already pretty obvious. Cool down timers would help though.
4. Working as designed, the galaxy is a big place you can't expect to be spoonfed...
5. So it's supposed to guess what you're interested in? Err... Well if you want medical speak to your medical officer etc. Pretty simple.
6. I'd agree here, open up a comm link back to the recruiters back at the academy.
7. All pretty obvious if you've done the DOFF tutorial and read the DOFF descriptions, not sure what your problem is bing honest.
8. The DOFF muncher could have been better explained but are you seriously suggesting you couldn't work out a rare was better than a common (traits aside)?