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04-03-2012, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by Timelord_Victorious
Recent player complaints about certain dev decisions regarding the dilithium farming have led to the following idea.

Please feel free to bash and rip it apart if you find anything wrong with it.

People went into Ker'rat to farm dilithium, either by actually playing the mission there or by engaging in PvP and sabotaging the other factions attempts at the mission.
Some people did it by just letting other people do the work and earning the dilithium by being seemingly afk.

This didn't agree with the devs, because there was too much dilithium generated by too many people.

Now, why don't we nuke the old map and it's objectiv (make an event out of it with finally driving the Borg out of there) and put in new objectives.

After the Borg have been obliterated there we have left over infrastructure and a broken planet full of resources to be harvested.

Now Federation and Klingons compete directly for the rich and nearly unlimited dilithium supply at the planet's solidified core.

This map would become a space mining site, where we can have a similar mini game like on the dilithium asteroid near DS9.
Only here the area is still an open PvP map and enemies can freely attack you on your supply run to your factions processing station.
Adjust the numbers of ore you can mine within an hour around, let's say, 1000-2000 with special event hours to get more out of it.

That way you can't afk the map anymore to get dilithium and still have it a significant action packed grind for everyone else.
I like the idea but think we need it in addition to Ker'rat existing ingame. Make the existing Ker'rat the zone where we have not driven the Borg out (leaving it as is) and the new zone just as you described it.

If players wish to farm an open PvP zone for DL and those high end Purple and Blue loot drops then (imo) Ker'rat offers the perfect level of risk that should be associated with such farming.
Ker'rat has a risk equal to its reward.
If one wishes to farm Ker'rat then one needs to gather a team together and do so as a team.
This is how it was done in the old days. team-up drive out the opposition and then complete the objectives to get the drops. Everybody would pitch in and help and we all took turns being the one to get the top-end gear.
This should continue to be the normal requirement to complete Ker'rat with only the most clever and talented of solo-players being able to do it on thier own.