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04-03-2012, 05:59 AM
The above attitudes are part of the problem. I know these things (sort of) but I hear new players saying they don't even DOff because they don't know how. I'm asking him to clean up the UI to bring new people in and help existing players get out of permanent second-gear. The idea that you're celebrating the system being closed to non-advanced people is really sad to be honest.

The assignments especially need more than a comm system to fix the proliferation of them in different places and windows. Your "spoonfed" comment gets it wrong - which is why we have that unintelligible spreadsheet that shouldn't even exist. Even today we did not send space shuttles up randomly looking for stuff to do - it's cost prohibitive and a waste of resources. Starships on the shows went on assignments, you never heard Captain Picard on a Captain's Log entry saying, "I'm bored, I think we'll fly over to Regulus today and see if we can't get into something." It's not being spoonfed, it's not even Star Trek right now.

Perhaps its in your nature to just prolong the problems with the current UI, but I urge you to step outside of your narrow-sighted views and be a part of the solution for others.