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04-03-2012, 06:14 AM
My 3 dislikes about the tactical Odyssey:

1. My Boff Commander is an engineer. IMO a tactical cruiser should have a tactical commander. I can use my Lt. Commander Universal slot for my chief engineer or another tactical officer.
Sci Ody is my preferred of the 3 variants. The Odyssey, is the natural Star Cruiser successor the +1 if you will. If you deny that, then you're missing the point of this ship. It's an engineering ship with a science focus. If you want to run tactical, honestly there are other ships for that.

As an engineer I've always loved the star cruisers but wished there was just a tad more sci powers to them. The Sci Ody answers that in spades. Just make the universal lieutenant commander slot a sci BOFF and the ensign an engy and you're away.
I'm an Engineer main too, and I've been used to running in a Star Cruiser. My playstyle in that ship tended towards Tanking duty (via survivability, Starship Threat Control + Beam:FAW) and Support (Hazard Emitters, TSS, Extend Shields, Aux2SIF, Tac Team, Engineering Team, Science Team), whilst permanently running with 125 Weapons power (weapons balanced first for Broadsiding and then for Forward Arc Damage = 3x Beam Arrays 1x Quantum front, 1x Beam Array, 2xTurrets, 1x Hargh'Peng rear).

Basically, Maneuverability and Spike DPS is secondary to me compared to self-reliance and sustained DPS. My second ship was (and still is) an appropriately-specced Fleet Escort (higher dps than the Star Cruiser, less survivability/support capability).


With that disclaimer out of the way:

The Engineering Odyssey has nothing special to attract me to it, aside from the unique console. That said, if you've only got one ship to choose from, go for this one. Chevron Seperation really is that good.

DPS-wise the Tac version and Sci version of the Odyssey both have good points - The Sci version has Sensor Analysis and the Tac version has an extra Tac Console slot for extra DPS.

All of the Odysseys have the same BOFF layout. So the differences really come down to power setting bonuses and 'Sensor Analysis' versus an Extra Tac Console Slot.

For playing DPS in normal missions and PvP (and playing healing/support anywhere due to all the target-swapping), the Tac version will likely be better as you'll usually not be spending long enough targetting one single enemy within 10KM for Sensor Analysis to start beating the bonus from a 3rd Tactical "+ Energy Damage %" Console (Around 2-3 minutes for Cumulative Damage Inflicted to start being higher, depending on Console Mark/Rarity. About a minute for Spike damage per shot to start being higher). For Elite STFs, they'll both have their moments (a Gateway can take a while to shoot down, especially if your teammates have the attention span of a newborn kitten).

The big difference in builds though is power settings bonuses: the Tac Odyssey can hit 125 weapons power without having to always remain in Chevron Seperation mode (not always feasible with a 5 minute recharge time between missions or deaths) or alternate two copies of "Emergency Power To Weapons" (which realistically you can only do if you throw a Engineer in your Universal LtCom BOFF slot, which negates a big benefit of the Odyssey - the customizability... you can't use Gravity Well I or Torpedo Spread III if you're running with an Engineering LtCom all the time).

Note that the Engineering Odyssey can also hit 125 Weapons power without having to use EPTW, but you'll have to invest many more skillpoints into "Weapons Performance" to hit that (9/9 for the Engineering Odyssey compared to 3/9 for the Tactical Odyssey, assuming that you're also slotting the Borg Console and have taken Starship Warp Core Potential to 9/9)

Just make sure, for goodness sake, that you're slotting weapons of all the same energy type (and appropriate Tac Consoles)... or that 125 Weapons Power won't mean very much.

Regarding the Consoles... I'm probably in the minority here, but I like taking all three of them. There's some reason to this madness though: The Chevron Seperation one goes without saying. Worker Bees, honestly, are a very nice choice for extra healing since they don't share a cooldown with Hazard Emitters... And if you're going to take both the other consoles anyway, then you might as well nab the third (Pet Escort) one for the reduced ability cooldowns (the extra turn rate and armor are nothing to get excited about - I wouldn't give up a console slot for them on their own, but they're a nice extra bonus.) You'll have seven slots to play with - 4 engineering and 3 science - so taking three up with the Unique Odyssey Consoles allows you to keep one free for the Borg Console, and another three for whatever combination of DamageResistance/ShieldCapacity/P2W consoles that takes your fancy. I usually go for 2x Neutronium Alloy and leave the last one as a situational pick.


On the Pets - you can't deploy the Escort pet and seperate your saucer at the same time (this seems daft, as they detach from opposite ends of the ship, but it means you can use one whilst the other is recharging... and I've found that they both have their uses)

The Saucer Pet from Chevron Seperation is more a toy than anything else. It's slow, it does fairly rubbish damage, and it doesn't use its tractor beam very intelligently (though occasionally in things like "The Cure" you'll notice it snag a BOP at the right time purely by accident). If it dies off, I wouldn't bother to recall it. The point of Chevron Seperation isn't the pet but the maneuverability buff (and the corresponding buff to flight speed and therefore defense - My Tac Odyssey can drop to 25 Engine power and still be at capped defense after seperation).

The Escort Pet is far better than the Saucer. It's pretty decent DPS, so I've started to use it rather than Chevron Seperation on the final ESTF "bosses" now that I'm comfortable enough that I can tank them "properly" rather than continually trying to evade their weapon arcs. If you're tanking whatever the pet is shooting at (and it seems to target whatever you're targetting rather than go off looking for trouble), it tends to stay alive for a long time... and you can always throw it a Hazard Emitter/Extend Shields to keep it alive longer. You lose very, very little (just a percentage of crew) by deploying the Escort. I've never noticed the loss. Upshot: if I'm ever planning to fly around with my saucer still on top, I'll deploy the escort for the extra damage.

I've written a bit more on the setups I'm using for my Tac Odyssey here - note the update on Control BoFF powers a few posts down.


TL;DR version:
1. Be aware of your weapons power settings if you're going for the Sci Ody
2. Make sure you've weighed up all the pros/cons of taking each of the unique consoles.