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04-03-2012, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by Orion_Starchaser
Please tell me I'm wrong and something has come out exclusively for Lifers. 400 points is NOT exclusive because anyone can get that.
When you purchased your LTS you did so for only 2 reasons:

1: To get the Liberated Borg, Costume Pieces, Title, and other various perks of the LTS.

2: You never wanted to pay Subscription fee again.

None of that has changed between Subscription and FTP. You still have access to the 2 reasons you became a Lifer. With FTP get have an added bonus: you are permanently Gold, and as such get 400 free CPs every month.

Lifers were never "exclusive" before FTP - IE, you didn't get anything any other Subscriber didn't also get. Why should you get more in FTP then what you agreed to when the game was Subscription-only?