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Originally Posted by C_Carmichael View Post
After some additional considerations given, I got to thinking that it might be feasible to see the Nova and the Sabre, given full on retrofits, based on the conclusion I reached with the Sabre.

If the Sabre were given a retrofit that matched it's stats to the Tier 4 Defiant, I could easily see the Nova being given a similar treatment, to match the Tier 4 Intrepid.

What this accomplishes is to give players an "upper level" version of the Sabre and Nova, but, keeping them respectfully behind the Defiant and Intrepid, which have Tier 5 counterparts.

So, that would leave the question of the Excalibur, and one that I think could easily be answered.

Excalibur becomes the Fed player's version of the T5 B'rel.

The reason I come to this conclusion is because the B'Rel was a sort of "adversary" to the Connie Refit. However, in the T5 Version, the B'Rel is upgraded, right? So, give the B'Rel it's new natural adversary, in the upgraded Excalibur.

The main thing with the B'Rel is it's battle cloak counters it's weak hull. So, a T5 Excalibur might have a slightly buffed hull (25,000 range or so) which still leaves it well below the other T5 cruisers, but is an upgrade from the T2 Excalibur.

And yes, I'd give it Universal BOFF slots, and essentially call the Excalibur, Starfleet's "fill em up and send them out" ships. Configure it how you want, play it how you want, and it would still be reasonable within the parameters of the game.

Essentially STO's version of the US Navy Destroyer or Frigate.
I still have my Nova-Refit from my earlier days playing STO.

Apologies for repeating a post I made elsewhere on this board, but I recently pulled her out of mothballs, stuck mkX antiproton beam arrays on her, a mkXI quantum torpdeo launcher forward and a mxXI rapidfire transphasic launcher aft, my Ageis set (with visuals off) and took her into Cure, Infected and Khitomer Space. Only received one snide remark about my Nova (refit) flying alongside Oddy's, Dreadnoughts etc etc. Anyway - was very pleasantly surprised - granted, I went bang a few times, but kitted out the way she was, she was surprsingly effective, especially when using the sub-system targeting. Certainly, in Cure Space I was quite a problem for the assimilated BOP's, and was generally able to make a nuisance of myself toward larger enemy ships, targeting their shields so that escorts etc could slam torpedoes into their hulls.

I usually fly a Science Odyssey, but it was really refreshing to fly my old Rhode-Island refit again - gorgeous handling - I'll be using her again in PvE and STO's regardless of what the other players may think.

Definitely agree with what you say, both in the quoted post and the opening post, and I for one would definitely purchase an an "upper level" version of the Nova - I may fly an Odyssey, but the Nova is still my favorite class.