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04-03-2012, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
I tried telling Heretic that the Fleet Starbases are a terribad idea but he's dead set on implementing them.
I don't think they are a terrible idea , I just think that the timing they chosen to implement them is terrible .
So many other things are needed more . Urgently .
It's such a huge derailment of Dev resources .
Yet at the same time I can see the "logic" . Other MMO's have this , so "we" must have it too .

It's one of those decisions -- like the speeding up the game to level faster . That too must make sense through some use of logic , it's just not logic relevant to the game . To THIS game . That lacks End Game content This Much .

Everything else that I could think about the OP's topic has been stated by others .
By the perception of us "older players" , the game is "late" to introduce the last Borg STF/story , it's "late" developing the Iconian story line , and it's "late" delving into the Romulans/Remans once more .
(just as it's late doing something with the Kling story lines and introducing new ones like the Tholians)

Ironically the Tholians should be somewhat easy(er) to introduce because many of the mechanics needed (web in space + 6 legged walk) exists ingame already .
The "web" (the Nebula starships "sensor scan") may need a tweek tho ... , yet knowing Cryptic , they will redesign the whole thing from scratch .