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04-03-2012, 08:11 AM
Caveat: The following only applies to PvE against bigger slower targets for me.

I don't seem to have much of a problem hitting these kinds of TOO with the phaser lance on my Gal-X, though the faster ships like BoP and Jem'Hadar attack ships are sometimes quick enough to make the second phaser lance pulse miss. Sadly for them, I only need one pulse to hit a BoP to trash its shields out pretty good.

Since I hit cubes, spheres and BB/CA class targets pretty well that's what I like to go up against. I leave the enemy escorts to last unless I can peel them off from the pack.

I also dress for success. When preparing to perform a 'spinal tap' against something like a Borg Sphere or Galor Class, I always wear my best cloak.

I set the cloak first and when I get close to firing range I cut speed to one-tenth impulse or so and drift into firing range. While closing with my Prey Of Bird, I fire up all my long-term damage buffs. No hurry yet. If one of my buffs expires and goes into cooldown, I just park or go into slow reverse to give myself more time.

I like to get within 5 klicks before de-cloaking as I carry a lot of energy weapons (incl the spinal phaser) that do more damage at closer ranges. Since I am cloaked, most targets just drift aimlessly while I carefully line up my shot. Even if the bigger targets move a bit, they usually stay within the lance's smaller firing arc for a bit after I de-cloak. That's all the time I need to get the shot off.

My firing ritual is, in rapid succession, to activate a weapon battery (short term dmg buff), de-cloak, fire a tachyon beam (knocks out shields), an aceton beam (generally annoying) and then the spinal phaser into the target. I also launch a Tricobalt Mobile Device while I have everything lined up. You never know - the target may have no shields up when the thing finally gets there!

Having done the duty, I either go into tank mode (tac cubes, satellite turrets and other fairly immobile targets) or I kick in the afterburners and start the dogfight (Galors, BBs etc.)

I believe the phaser lance is at its best against the bigger slower targets. I've been able to actually fire the weapon twice against a normal STF tac cube or those huge Borg portals in the STFs, while tanking them. To be fair, one opening shot with a phaser lance does not bother a tac cube that much.