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Originally Posted by baelturath
Actually something like this may be interesting. Imagine a new episode where a player character gets assimilated along with his Boffs and works for the collective for the rest of the episode.

The first mission of the episode would start with a distress signal where a pretty important world (e.g. Vulcan or whatever for the Klings) is under attack from a Cube. Nobdy has any idea where it came from - it seemed to have suddenly appeared out of thin air, not even using a Transwarp aperture - and SF/KDF readies an emergency fleet to intercept it. In a hard and desperate battle the player manages to defeat the Borg ship and salvaging crews are dispatched to handle the Cube's wreckage.

The second mission starts with the revelation that the Borg pulled a "First Contact" on the player and transported to his ship during battle, starting to assimilate the crew and ship. In a ground combat mission the player fights his way through his own already half-assimilated ship (and crew!) only to be ambushed and finally meet his "end" from a set of assimilation tubules. The episode ends with the character standing up and receiving his first set of orders from the Collective, including completing his assimilation (yeah, that's the part where they cut off your arms and put a driller into your eyes).

The third mission starts with the player having finalized the assimilation of his former ship and moves the ship into an unchartered nebula, where the Borg have created a bridgehead. The ship is moved into some sort of "dry dock" for analyzation and further assimilation and the character is moved to a Sphere and put in "command" of it along with his former Boffs. Flying a Sphere now the player is tasked with attacking and assimilating a ship from the other faction (a SF player gets to attack a KDF patrol, a KDF player gets to attack a SF convoi). After a short space battle and a quick bording action the mission ends with the player assimilating the captain.

The fourth mission starts with the newly assimilated ship being brought back to the hidden base and the player being sent back to the Delta Quadrant - and now the new threat is revealed. The Borg managed to assimilate the control system of an iconian gateway in the DQ and are using it to establish hidden bridgeheads all over the galaxy to squash all resistance in a single decisive strike. However, the Undine somehow managed to realize what the Borg are doing and started attacking the gateway. The player is transfered to a Cube and sent out to meet with a squad of other ships to intercept the Undine in an awesome space battle.

The fifth mission starts with the player scanning the area for more Undine ships when he is suddenly called back to the gateway and sent back to the Alpha Quadrant. The SF (or KDF) managed to find the bridgehead and mount a full scale assault on it. The player is sent out with the single TacCube stationed at the base to defend the bridgehead against the attack. However, fullscale assault just means that and the TacCube is finally overwhelmed after destroying dozens of ships. The mission ends with the player trying to pull a "First Contact" on one of the attackers in a ground mission, but the borded ship is ready and overwhelms the player (who is recognized and paralyzed instead of shredded to pieces).

The last mission starts with the player being confined in a medlab while a doc is working on un-assimilating him. The connection to the Collective grows weaker and is finally broken, allowing the removal of all implants and returning the character to his normal state. The Borg threat is still not overcome, since the gateway control at the other end is still active. Using his residual knowledge of the used tech, the player takes his ship back to the DQ in a desperate suicide attack, trying to destroy the gateway and the control mechanism before the Borg manage to destroy the galaxy. In a hard space and then ground battle, the player manages to destroy the gateway. A last energy burst from the exploding gateway engulfs the character and his ship, sending them into the Gamma Quadrant near the wormhole where they are picked up by a very confused Dominion patrol and returned to the AQ.

That actually sounds VERY cool