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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
But that's just it. There's no use for that niche. If you want a cruiser, fly a cruiser. If you want a science ship, fly a science ship. The hybrid role that the Nebula is beastly at ... has no effective niche in this game.
Actually, I'd argue the reverse. If we are prepared to accept (as has been argued at length elsewhere on these forums) that the "Holy Trinity" of CC, Tank and DPS is NOT a part of STO, then the Nebula suits the game extremely well.

Very Good Control/Support with reasonable DPS and as much Tanking ability as a Cruiser.

it's a Jack of All Trades ship - about the only thing that could make it more "Jack" like is if you stuck a Tac Captain in the pilot seat.

Nebulas can slot 2x EPTW and 2x EPTS + 1x Aux2SIF II. (The EPTWs are to let you hit 125 Weapons Power constantly, the EPTS and Aux2SIF are for survivability) this leaves the Tac Sci slot open for Tac Team I and B:FAW (For AoE) or Attack Pattern Beta (to stack with Sensor Analysis). And you can swap the LT Engineering DOFF slot above out for another Tac if you feel that your survivability is "good enough".

Doing the above allows you to run at maxxed 125 Weapons and a good amount of Shields and AUX permanently on your Sci ship. Add in the ability to use high level versions of Tyken's Rift and/or Gravity Well, Tractor Beam Repulsors, Tachyon Beam, etc. etc. and you have quite a little powerhouse that's able to stop enemies dead in the water or drain their power systems down to nothing (especially if you add in the inherent Subsystem Targetting and "Tetryon Glider" - let alone Phased Polarons or Polarized Tetryons).

Or you can go all-out buffing/support which the Nebula is arguably one of the best ships in the game for (besides the P2W Odyssey) due to its ability to slot both Engineering Team 3 and Transfer Shield Strength III/HE3.