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04-03-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
It Doesn't Tell Me How To Play:
Documentation in this game is sorely lacking. There was a time when "Where's Sulu" would cause a minor riot in Zone chat.

But there are a couple of problems for documenting the current Doff system: it is incomplete and it is bugged. Documentation would be a wasted effort, right now.

What Are All Of These Assignments and Variations?:
The short answer is "this is not how it is intended to be, so be patient." The long answer as I understand it, is that we will be given 3 distinct places to manage our assignments: Sector, Personal, and DH/Ship. I have some questions that Ship might offer additional non-chain assignments that DH will not have available, but I can not state that with certainty.

I agree that forcing us to check three (and possibly four) different menu systems in every sector and even in some individual system spaces is poor design - Sector and DH should suffice, making Sector the sole domain of chain assignments and DH share-able but unique to the player. I believe that the system has grown beyond the capacity to be reduced to that level of user friendliness, however. It would require a major roll-back and retooling, and that simply isn't the way things tend to go in this game. A patch to fix the previous patch is the more likely scenario.

It Doesn't Point Me To The Good Stuff:
Nor should it. One of the goals of the system is to get you to fly your ship and visit your bridge.

Looking for CXP in All The Wrong Places:
Basically this is the same complaint as the previous one, and the same answer applies.

Show Me a Path:
While I do not like the current system, if I wanted to grind a particular discipline, say Medical, the path to do so is perfectly clear: check Medical DH and Medical Shipboard. If anything, the new system has made that easier.

MIsnomers and Gotchas:
Partially a documentation problem, partially a design problem, partially an economic problem.

Yes, when you click on the request tab, you don't actually have a place to request them, you have a place to buy them. It certainly does not fit within the parameters of a "request." The game is F2P now. Unfortunately, this is the way it will be from now on - and in anticipation of your post in 3 weeks, the drop boxes are going to be a recurring feature, as well.

The placement of Recruiting on SFA does make RP sense however, and it gives SFA another valid reason for existing. So I understand why that choice was made. But just as we are with shipboard assignments, we are being forced to negotiate yet another obstacle to accomplish what should be an effortless goal. The change does not improve game play. Unfortunately, this design choice actually appears to be the template for the future of the doff system.

What Do These People Do?:
Of your complaints, this is the only one I must disagree with completely. The affects of individual traits on assignments and the affects of Active Ground and Active Space are just as intuitive and easily decipherable as console or BO skill buffs.

I Won't Improve If I Don't Know Better:
And we come full circle with the observation that the game has absolutely no in-game documentation. I would point out that anyone who has played the game to level 8 LT (the point at which one is given access to the Doff system) they certainly would be familiar with the color coding of items' rarity.

We are very lucky that we have community driven resources like STOWiki and DoffJobs, and that we have devs who actually get in the chat channels and forums to clear up our most pressing questions.

The fact remains that many of us do not like the answers and do not like the direction the doff system is headed. It is overly complicated - contrived, even.

And while I agree with you on many points, the one thing that I most strenuously disagree with is the mindset that the goal should be to get to the loot.

I believe that the goal should be to enjoy the journey, and this, in my opinion, is where the system needs the most attention.