Thread: Which Odyssey?
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04-03-2012, 12:02 PM
If i had the money and wasn't so attached to my console layout I'd get the three-pack and stick everything on the Sci Ody. Unfortunately I could only get one, so I went with the Odyssey-Ops. I tested all three abilities on Tribble and honestly I never noticed the work-bees doing much of anything (and they're so small I barely even noticed them). As for separation vs. escort, well the pros and cons are fairly obvious here. The Aquarius gives extra firepower with almost no negative side-effects, but it also leaves your turn rate and speed at the standard level of brick-ish-ness with only the Dreadnought, Bortas, and Vo'Quv stealing the title of "least mobile ship in the game" from you. Chevron separation gives you mobility on-par with (possibly even better than) the Excelsior retrofit, but you lose survivability and only gain a smidge of fire-power from the saucer, which honestly just runs around like a chicken without a head and shoots anything that looks at it funny. Sometimes it will have a moment of brilliance and snag an escaping enemy in a tractor beam or accidentally knock a subsystem offline with its phasers, but mostly it just flies into gravity wells and warp plasma.