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04-03-2012, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by xceptionzero View Post
so you were muted/kicked from a player created channel? so like stfelite or doffjobs or something.

if thats the case not much you can do. Maybe pm a mod/admin player of that channel and ask to be reinstated. or wait the 24 hours for being silenced.

Though as you said you were "ranting" and maybe that channel isnt the "Ranting" channel I can see why they may have taken that action, in which a lesson should be learned.

Private individuals are not as forgiving as employees.
No i was ranting in a playermade channel- but then i was silenced by cryptic. Cryptic really really shouldnt be dealing with the player channels, it should be left to the channel mods to handle people spamming in their channels, cryptic shouldnt 24 hour mute people for spamming in private channels, and it should be specified if u have been reported X times OR sent X messages.24 hour mutes should only exist in cases where this has happened in zone chat.

And Aces, the autosilence will still be there but not quite as long, an hour tops. and the channel mods can deal with spammers as they see fit. Aditionaly, i dont think u should be muttable in fleet chat and think u should be able to PM ur friends/teamchat, cryptic mute should just be on public channels, as fleet leader i think i should be able to speak in fleet or in teamchat. If my team ignore me then fine, but thats that. Ive had friends autosilenced in pvp for useing $target binds and /bind x team HEAL ME binds just cause they sent out too much at once. At least cryptic should allow silenced player to use teamchat of premade teams and private queue teams NOT automade, that way, me being angry and yelling at say, my fleet or my friends in team or something, will not lead to me not being able to do anything for 24 hours.